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Hi skiing girls! You are the future of skiing and you are the hearts and the souls of the sport together with everyone that loves skiing. This race suit is designed for all of you with a purpose! You have to know that you can do all you dream of and that it is all in the attitude. I know that it so very important to believe in ourselves and to find the right attitude towards goals! We are all unique and I believe that we have to try to find our own way and keep on believing in that. I know that goals can change, and then, let them change. But otherwise, believe in them and believe in yourself. Because with the right attitude, you can move mountains. So work on your attitude and have lots of fun! Hugs from Sara

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Den här bilden är från det att jag fick vara med och tävla i lilla världscupen och ända sedan dess har kunnat leka i backen och haft underbara stunder! Jag har också drömt om framgång och haft möjlighet att förverkliga många drömmar! Alla barn får inte den chansen! Idag kan vi tillsammans hjälpa fler barn att få det! 😍

Idag har jag en fullspäckad träningsdag framför mig och för varje minut swishar jag 1 kr till Barncancerfonden!

Hur många minuter kommer ni att lägga på att förverkliga era drömmar idag?

Kommentera nedan och swisha era minuter i kr till Barncancerfonden, så kommer @BAUHAUSsverige att dubbla vårt bidrag till BCF
(upp till 1 000 000 sek!)

Swish: 123 105 89 73

Kom igen kör vi!!

Happy to be allowed to race tomorrow, I will try to enjoy it all! 😃💞 This is from today’s training in @silvrettamontafon (How nice?! 😍) so for all of you missing skiing, just hang in there and until you can - enjoy a ride! Tomorrow it’s quali at 10:00 and then we see!The race starts at 17:45 😃 #headwhatsyourlimit @head_rebels @head_ski @skiteamswedenalpine ...

I love to ski and the way it makes me feel free! The ups and downs of constantly trying to improve and racing is a very big part of this. An important aspect of racing is that we are all given the same opportunities to perform at the start.
The lack of ownership by @fisalpine in this regard does not provide a fair starting point for us athletes! I understand that these are very difficult times, it’s very important to keep safe. Disregarding the fairness of races is not a necessity, instead we should try to enable both!

In other sports, healthy athletes are allowed to compete. Our sport is performed outside with no physical contacts. As long as you are tested negative there is ways to make sure we all can race safely. FIS should take the responsibility to create a fair competitive environment, also during these times! This issue needs to be addressed now! In our team, for instance, no racers have tested positive or even been in close contact with anyone infected. To me not being able to race in this situation is not fair. So let’s do something about this before someone else gets in to the same crappy situation like our team is in‼️ 💫 🤨

When you are already longing for skiing again 🎊 🎉🥳 #itsintheattitude #dontgiveup #youcandoit #pushyourself @zinzinoofficial ...

Good morning ☀️🌞😃 Fun days in the alps, enjoying it a lot! Today I’m resting and getting ready for the race on Saturday 😃👍🏼 #itsintheattitude 📸@skiteamswedenalpine ...