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Hi skiing girls! You are the future of skiing and you are the hearts and the souls of the sport together with everyone that loves skiing. This race suit is designed for all of you with a purpose! You have to know that you can do all you dream of and that it is all in the attitude. I know that it so very important to believe in ourselves and to find the right attitude towards goals! We are all unique and I believe that we have to try to find our own way and keep on believing in that. I know that goals can change, and then, let them change. But otherwise, believe in them and believe in yourself. Because with the right attitude, you can move mountains. So work on your attitude and have lots of fun! Hugs from Sara

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It has been a good camp again! 🌟 Some canceled days, but most of the days really good training! 🤩I have been trying to work on technical issues both inside and outside the gates and hopefully I make some progress! 😁😅 Now off to Duved ❤️ #itsintheattitude @skiteamswedenalpine @head_rebels ...

Buddha said; there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path! Probably this was said before the sport skiing was invented 😜😁😍 Don’t you agree? 🤩#headwhatsyourlimit @head_ski @skiteamswedenalpine ...