What you do in the dark


The last couple of weeks have been hard for me… I was back skiing again, super happy and very grateful! ????❤️???? The knee felt kind of awesome for being this kind of knee and life was just making me happy.

Then I got sick. Being sick is one of the worst things that I know. I hate to be low on energy. I think that it’s my energy that is making me who I am. But you know you just have to live with it. When I got a bit better I studied hard. When you get injured it is fun to have something productive to focus on and I started last spring so now I have just carried on! Learning new stuff is really fun. Anyways… So I got healthy again, but then the weather was not really on my side. A storm made the lifts impossible to start the following days… Then finally I got to go up on the glacier. The second day my knee gets in a really bad angle and I the pain is a fact… So just home and rest again and to start with the tiny boring exercises I know makes me better and not worse. It’s sometimes hard to know what level to be on, but after a while of frustration and fighting I tried a new strategy and did nothing for a few days. I also got a few pure Magic treatments from Vladde, my awesome therapist which really made a difference! I guess my knee really liked that and whoops I was back on track again!

I have been home, training hard again ???? and I don’t think you understand how much happy hormones I got out of that! When you love training and has been without it for a few days. Wonderful!

Now I feel good again and … And tomorrow, like 1,5 month later I’m back again ???????????? I get to ski tomorrow again!! ????????
It was hard because I didn’t have a clue how long time it would take. I have as usual really been fighting to make the most out of the time. Some things are coming along and you know… What you do in the dark puts you in the light.. Or whatever.

I will for sure enjoy skiing again. And words can not sum up how happy I am to be able to do what I love… Or I hope being able to do what I love. You will see on Instagram I guess. ✊???? (The lucky sign in Sweden)

Okay, so time to use the overloaded battery and enjoy life????????❤️

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