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So now I´ve been back on skies for a while. This year we went to New Zealand and Australia. It´s the first time ever not only staying in Europe. The purpose with this camp was to get in a lot of race training this early in the season. A different kind of plan than usual. Normally I think that it´s really nice to take everything in a slow pace in the beginning  of the season to have a chance to work with the technical skills. From my point of view, that is the skill that is the most important skill. But to be able to do it the optimal way there is skills like physical, tactical and mental skills that will put up a framework what you can work with.. So this camp was more to work with the tactical and mental skills, than the technical. I think it was interesting and we will see later if it was a good plan or not! 🙂

It was so fun going to NZ. Really beautiful nature.

A lot of beautiful mornings!

So this was kind of where we were living. Really beautiful place! We had some nice spring time down under. 🙂


And this man, Zoran Knezevic has been doing quite an awesome job. He is my serviceman. That means that he is doing all my skies. Without good material in alpine skiing I would say that it´s impossible do well, so he is kind of like half my result! Also it´s so important to have a guy that is coming with good energy!



So this is the opera house by day and this is it by night…

Sydney was nice and my impression of Australia is that it´s a mix between Europe and USA, culture-wise and how the architecture and so on looks like. Both NZ and Aus feels like kind of healthy countries aswell!

We were skiing inbetween this Ecalyptus trees. They looked liked huge broccolis, kind of. Really cool. It was the home of the koalas. Not in the wintertime, then they moved like 20min´ down. But in the summers, so we never saw any.. We also had time to go and see kangaroos real close. They looked more or less like giant jumping rats. Not so cute actually. But they moved really cool, just as you imagined they would do.

Also, we didn´t just spend time in Australia as a tourist. We were also competing. I had some good days and some more tired days. I´m not used to doing 8 races on 11 days anymore. But was good mental training… I ended up winning 4/8 so I bring that with me, you know…winning is always so much fun 😀


We have a new teammate aswell. She is a happy, energetic and fast skiing girl. That is really fun! She actually changed from the French team to ours. Her mum is Swedish, from Göteborg so she speaks really good swedish (but yes you can still tell that she is from France) and her dad has won a lot of world-cup races in his career in the speed events. Her dad Luc also had some great contacts in NZ, so we got to go on a heli tour. Really cool and thank you Alpine Helicopters in Wanaka and Luc and Estelle! 🙂

We saw some glaciers on a really close up view and the nature was just incredible. So cool.


Now I´m home again. So happy to be spending some time working out again.  😀 I have been looking forward to that sooo much during the races. Because the mental energy was not quite there to push any limits at that time…


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