I have some great news that I have been looking forward to telling you about for a long time. Now this ”something” is finally done. I have a new sponsor and I would reckon you to put this name on your memory for the future, because it’s a company that has just started and I’m sure it has a great chance of a very bright future. Pastillfabriken and that means ”The pastil factory”. They are producing sugar free candy, and right now their specialty is licorice, but they do also have some fruit flavours for the ones that don’t like this Swedish specialty. To me, it is so great that they are all new and that they are still working as a start up company. I have lots of ideas in this area and I love to think about new ways to make it easier for people to live a healthy life so this chance was just very obvious that I wanted to take. We have already started to develop this next project that I’m partly responsible for together with Pastillfabriken and I will have lots of chances to tell you all about that in the future. But for now, you will have to stick with these totally awesome licorice and fruit versions and that is for sure a good thing! So keep your eyes open or write to me on my fb-page and I can give you a price so you can buy a bunch of Swedish, sugar free licorice pastils. The nice thing is that it’s also produced in my home area, Gävle which is so nice for me. So keep your eyes open.

All the best!


Sara Hector och Pastillfabriken   Sara Hector och Pastillfabriken

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