Summer training 2023


We got hold of Sara on FaceTime from a warm and sunny Austria on her balcony in the sun and we had a summary chat about summer training and the upcoming season.

Hey Sara! How was your summer?

I had a really great summer, I really needed recovery period and then I started from the ground up and rebuild my good physical shape with weight training, running and many hours on my bike in the mountains.

The summer buildup has been great and all physical tests we had have gone according to plan.

In Austria where I live now there are Olympic Training Centers in the major cities and there I have been training and also meet a lot the new people.

Have you been skiing?

Since august we have been on snow. We went to Argentina just like last year for three weeks and have also been to the glaciers in Cervina and Stevlio.

New coach?

Yes! This season we have a new coach, Walter from Italy, feels great so far. Really looking forward to the upcoming season of skiing.

What’s your goals this season?

My plan is to really develop all the details of my skiing and all the races in the World Cup. I want to develop my riding skills on the flat parts, on the soft surfaces and on slopes the a lot of tracks.

Now we are all looking forward to the events next weekend with the season startup in Sölden, Austria.

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Jonas and Beata Gold, GoldLife

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