Great slalom start this season


Sara Hector, Levi

Wow, what a great start of the season! We asked Sara to summarise the latest weekend with the slalom races in Levi.

There was a lot of talk about the race courses both races, Saturday and Sunday. The difference between the two race courses in Saturdays race, one being very straight forward and the other one being more round. How do you summarize the race on Saturday?

My goal was to ski as good as I can. The last week I have learned new things in slalom that I wanted to use during the race. I was nervous because I was unsure if I could pull it off, but now when I look back at Saturdays race I am very happy that I got to use big parts of what I’ve learned. Both racecourses were good. I work hard to become a better skier to be able to handle all obstacles that come my way. This is a big goal for me!

Two slalom races back to back, how does the body respond the second raceday?

In the TV-interview with Viaplay you said that you find it hard to have energy to race two days in a row and that it was difficult for you to find the right focus the morning of the second race but that you gained energy after you inspected the racecourse. How does your body feel mentally and physically the second raceday?

My body felt good, but I was tired. Since it is the beginning of the season I am not (yet) used to race two days in a row. I was very nervous but at the same time happy that I handled it as good as I did.

What have you picked up going forward from this weekend?

I am very satisfied with my start in slalom and I will continue to improve the new things I have learned. I am grateful for the strong team I have around me, they make all the difference.

New races coming up and I am very exited to race!

Photo featured in this article is from Agence Zoom (Instagram @agencezoom)

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/Beata and Jonas Gold, GoldLife

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