Olympic gold medal 🥇

Wow! What an experience it was to come to the Olympics. Winning a medal at the Olympics has been a dream I’ve had all my life and to come home with a gold medal really feels wonderful. The time before the olympics was coming race after race went my way.…
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Victory in Courchevel!

My second victory happened almost seven years after my first one. I came to the race weekend with some awesome skiing on training in my back. I knew that I could ski fast, but to do it on a race is always something different. Head had just build a new…
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On the podium

The first podium after six years of none, it finally happened. That day was a snowy day. I was tired after having a hard time sleeping for a while, I had almost no training in my back, but I was in good shape anyway. I had just finished with 4th…
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Made my way back very strong, but started to loose faith that I could be strong enough to make it back to the top. My skiing was no longer fast and I started to loose the hunger for pushing. Nothing felt fun at the time. I had no clue how…
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The real comeback

In the end, I finally got to stand in the start gate. It was kind of like in my dreams, but still really not. Bib bib bib…The clock is ticking down and I’m preparing for my showtime… My heart is beating hard inside my chest. My eyes can only see…
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The getting back

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, instead get together with great people and rise up against the odds. The sweat is dropping down from my forehead and the arms. I’m overexcited. The endorphins are pumping out in every vein I have. I appreciate cycling more…
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The first days after the injury

I’m dreaming a dream that has been going on repeat in my mind for a long time… Bib bib bib…The clock is ticking down and I’m preparing for my showtime… My heart is beating hard inside my chest. My eyes can only see the first gate. My ears are sensitive…
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[caption id="attachment_9973" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo: Pontus Lundahl[/caption] In Åre. At home, again. Number one for the first time in a World Cup ever. Wow, I was really looking forward to racing with bib 1. My lucky day, my lucky number, my lucky everything. Except that this time the run does…
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Again, again

Photo: Georg Hochmum It was not long time ago I had my first podium and now it is race time again. The thoughts are running crazy and my head feels like it´s on a roller coaster and shifting focus in a rapid speed. I’m nervous the days before and the tension…
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The day started in the night. I could not sleep. Nervous as never before. The body was exploding with expectations. The nervousness was good, not the kind of anxious one. More just the “I want to go”-one. I am back in Åre. It was in the middle of the winter.…
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So close – but so far away

Photo: Scanpix I was skiing better than ever before. World Championships and the Juniors were just coming. I was really peaking at a great time. Then I really got to feel how it feels to just be there, but at the same time really not. It all started with SG…
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I was training in Zermatt and my speed career was just starting. I don’t like waiting but if you are skiing speed you just have to get used to a low tempo on the trainings and to not talk about on racedays. Whatever. I was maybe a bit stressed because…
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In Crans Montana. Junior World Championships again. I was so focused. I was just going to win this day. That was for sure. A few difficult gates, but a very enforced course report saved my day! A good coach that knows what you need and that you feel that can…
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It was January 2010 and my slalom somehow seemed to just get better day by day. I was ranked 24th and it was the JWC on the schedule. The slope was flat, but injected and conditions were so nice. After the first run I was on 6th place which was…
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My first real World Cup race

So the season started. I was 17 years old and had just had my first autumn with the Swedish Ski Team. My best result the year before on a European Cup was a 50th place, like 11 seconds after the winner. This year I started with a 2nd place. And…
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The small world cup

The race was called “The Small World Cup” and for me, preparing for it felt like a World Cup at that time. I was 12 years old and was competing the last year in the B-class. Skiing was getting more and more important in life and at this time I…
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Feeling the sweet taste of winning

I was 6 years old. It was one of my first races in alpine skiing. We drove to Hofors and the excitement in the car was something you almost could touch. It was so strong, so intense. My whole family was with me. I was competing against 9-year-old girls. I…
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My first pair of skis

It all started at Kungsberget, where I first learned how to ski. I was about 4 ½ years old and had been skiing for some time, using my brother´s old equipment. And for that reason, I really needed a pair of skis. Mum, dad and I went into the store…
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