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Craftor - Eleda


I feel incredibly lucky to work with a company like Craftor. For me, it feels fantastic to work with a company that drives the transition to a more environmentally friendly society. The commitment they have to the environment is incredibly inspiring to see. For me who loves alpine skiing, which requires cold and snow, it feels like the perfect partner for my venture. They make it possible so I don’t have to make as many flights, so I can use more solutions that are based on electricity instead of fossil fuels and in addition to that, they help me give the iron when it comes to defending the Swedish colors on the ski slopes.

Craftor is a company that works to make power possible and with that it is not only literally speaking but also in other ways. As the power contractor that they are, they design, build and maintain power grids, specializing in installations up to 400kV. They are innovative, with a culture that breathes entrepreneurship. Encouraging creativity at work creates employees who generally feel free to dare to take their own initiatives to improve the business, something that creates a wonderful team to work with. The gang that works at Craftor has a really great cohesion and it’s incredibly cool to see.

It feels to me that they really make things possible through a good collaboration, where they benefit from differences and creativity. It’s a workplace that I myself would have loved to be in. Simply awesome company.



The pioneers in test-based, personalized dietary supplements.

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Thinking of Kungsberget, a big smile hits my face. I have so many memories from Kungsberget and it involves a lot of ”firsts”. My first new skies were bought here, my first time skiing alone in a lift, my first time skiing on a black slope, my first time training in gates, my first race, my first win, my first ski-friends were found here and so the lists goes on. I think that this is one of the best places to start skiing for anyone. The slopes are wide and it is very child-friendly, but also very kind for adults who are beginners. But it led me to a world-cup level so even if you are a good skier, there are lots of opportunities and you can practice to do some nice clean turns. So for me, Kungsberget has a special place in my heart and I am sure that you will find a place for it too.

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To race on HEAD was a very simple decision as soon as I had tried them. They are simply the BEST skis at the market! Warning, so much fun so for sure addictive though!! 🙂 They are simple to ski, both stable and very fast. I really love HEAD and they are professional and for me it´s really fun to be a part of the awesome HEAD family!

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Berners Bil was founded in 1925 and is today one of Sweden’s largest private dealers within the Volkswagen Group and Scania with operations in Jämtland and Västernorrland counties in Sweden. AB Berner & Co is the parent company in the group.

Their vision is to, through commitment, respect and responsibility, become the absolute most attractive company for both employees and customers. To create the future together through innovation and joy.

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Tripoint, logo


Tripoint is an innovative, very young and creative eyewear and helmet brand and it feels good to be involved right from the start. When I was asked to ski with Tripoint, I felt that it was extremely interesting. I have been able to be involved in testing, developing and seeing the products grow, I feel not only impressed but also a little proud that I got to be a small part of their development. Personally, I think it’s cool that Sweden is so good in this segment. They are the company that really tries to develop environmentally friendly products and that is so cool.

You just have to check them out!

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Varg, logo


Since the first time I tried on Varg’s clothes, I have hardly taken them off. I love being active in my everyday life and Varg has all the clothes for that. The clothes are incredibly comfortable, stylish and the fact that they also think about the environment in everything they do gives me extra confidence when I wear them.

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Goldlife Webbyrå WordPress


GoldLife is my web agency and digital partner.

I already told you I want to have fun in my life and this company is really fun to work with. They give me energy and they can fix things that I:

  1. Didn’t really know was possible and
  2. I don’t have a clue how to do and
  3. Things that is taking too much of my time!

So thank you 😀

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You need poles to have more fun in the slopes and Leki has made sure I get to have more fun.
You just click and go!

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