Odd Molly Alpine Race Suit – with protection – FIS Approved

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Race suit for alpine skiing. You can either choose one with protection or one without and use the protection on the inside instead.

Made out of 82% polyester and 18% lycra.
The suit is knitted in two layers and the protection is strategically placed on the suit.

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This is a girl #itsintheattitude power suit! This speed suit is made in BeyondX-factory, which is one of the biggest speed-suits factories in the world. They have a good fit and good suits. If you are smaller, please choose the slim fit version and remember that it is faster when the the speed suit is pretty tight. But on the other hand, remember that you might grow and that the suit needs to fit nicely so you can move.
I know I’m not making it super easy, but you know your size and what you prefer!

When tested in a wind tunnel, it is proven that the fastest way to ski is to use protection underneath your suit, but it also has to be comfortable from my experience. It makes a greater difference in speed, but both alternatives work perfectly fine.

If you are not planning on racing FIS races, then there is no need for the FIS approved suit, the suits are the same, just that one of them is tested to be approved. You have to be 16y+ to race in FIS races.

Since the delivery will take 30 days until February 1st, 2019 you will receive a printable gift certificate to give to friends or family when you place your order.

Odd Molly Race Suit - Sara HectorOdd Molly Race Suit - Sara Hector

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