GobyelI love to be effective in life. I also love to be in a beautiful nature. And I love to have fun. But who doesn’t? Anyways. So I had a bit of a hard time to get my life to come together last year. That got me thinking that I´m hardly the only one stressing around in big cities wanting to do to much and getting irritated that it´s taking to much time to travel. After thinking I realized that the absolutely fastest, most environmental friendly way and economic best way is to do it with an electric scooter. So then I started to look after a company that had a good idea and good people. Because I also want to be a part of changing the world for the better and then I found one great company called GOBYEL. They want to make people to have the possibilities spending time on what they do the best. I think that is great and I want to be a part of that. So now we are working tight together to make the most out of this new products. I´m so happy for that and if you still haven´t checked it out, do. And if you want to try it, just write to me on Facebook or directly to GOBYEL and they will help you!

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