Ronald Mcdonalds child foundation

Ronald Mcdonalds Child foundation is a non-profit foundation.The goal is to help the ones having a hard time, that includes both parents and sick children. To get healthy, the psychology for us [...]

Copperhill Mountain Lodge Åre

This is the place where I gather energy. It has this calmness with beautiful architecture and amazing staff, and that makes it one of the best recharging places in the world. I love the food and [...]


Midroc was also one of the first to join my trip. They have also made my career possible. Read more about Midroc »


Bilmetro is making sure I get to have fun in the summers as well. Read more about Bilmetro »


You need poles to have more fun in the slopes and Leki has made sure I get to have more fun. You just click and go 😀 Read more about Leki »


Seger is a brand with a long history of helping athletes chasing their dreams and making them coming true. I´m honored that they believe in me and is really happy to have them on my journey. Read [...]

Media 2011

If you want to be seen in the slopes and just don´t seem to get the attention because you are a great carver-this is your chance… Read more about Media 2011 »


Bliz is such a fun company! You just have to love them. Great energy and that is for sure one thing I´m looking for. They really want to do their very best all the time and everything is possible [...]


I already told you I want to have fun in my life and this company is really fun to work with. They give me energy and they can fix things that I: Didn’t really know was possible and I [...]