Made my way back very strong, but started to loose faith that I could be strong enough to make it back to the top. My skiing was no longer fast and I started to loose the hunger for pushing. Nothing felt fun at the time. I had no clue how to turn it around. I remember calling my boyfriend and telling him that I’m maybe done with skiing. He said, Sara just because it’s not running your way doesn’t mean that you don’t love what you do! I can see the fire in your eyes every time you stand on your skis, there is nothing in the world saying that you will not be able to turn this around. The Grass is not only greener on the other side. I realized with perspective, having a mum that is ill with the devils illness ALS that my life is happening now and I have to enjoy every minute of it. Because first of all, it will not last forever and second – you never know how long time it will last! So, time to really enjoy skiing fast down the hill and try develop the skiing turn by turn- run by run ⛷