Feeling the sweet taste of winning


Sweet taste of winning

I was 6 years old. It was one of my first races in alpine skiing. We drove to Hofors and the excitement in the car was something you almost could touch. It was so strong, so intense. My whole family was with me. I was competing against 9-year-old girls. I was so nervous, the starting tower was so high and you had to climb it to get to the top. But my dad was there, as always when I needed him. He hugged me and just told me to have fun. I turned and skied down between the gates. Or I did the Pizza, you know plowed, something almost no one else did in that race. For some reason I was quite fast anyway. I tried carving on the outside edge and probably just loved the speed. I was too young to care about bad results. I was just not that involved. So I did not have a clue how the competition went. I did not know anything about points. Nor did my family. We did not even know that I was close to the podium until the voice of the speaker shouted my name.

“The winner of Ladies 8-9 years… Sara Hector”. I got the biggest trophy of them all. I remember standing in the middle of the podium with two tall girls on each side being very surprised and very proud. That is how I got to know the sweet taste of victory and after that moment I just knew what I wanted! (I still have the trophy at home at a special place!).