So close – but so far away


So close but so far away

Photo: Scanpix

I was skiing better than ever before. World Championships and the Juniors were just coming. I was really peaking at a great time. Then I really got to feel how it feels to just be there, but at the same time really not.

It all started with SG and me in the gate. Ready to give it all. But no, the fog took over the slope and it was just to take the gondola down and realize that I never even got to try, even though the race took place. But if your ranking is not great you have to count with that, so I was ok with it. After that cancelled day it was supercombined on the schedule. I skied well and ended up 9th! It was a great result and I was looking forward to the GS. That race started well. I was 8th after the first run and really ready for a second run and to give it all. I was nervous, but very focused and in the right mood. Out of the gate and pushing hard, but all of a sudden my boot catches the snow so I do a boot out. And I am out of the race.

After that I am off to the junior World Championships in Quebec with big confidence. It started with a 15 hour delayed flight and a big snow chaos. Cancelled training days. I am not a fan of fresh snow on races, but you are supposed to be able to handle it all. Slalom first run, my best skiing ever until that point I think. But again, from nowhere all of a sudden my skis just bump together and a very weird crash. I am out again.

Next race is JWC GS and I have the world championships in mind and I know I am in shape. And an ok first run. Second run starts well but in a bump I loose my ski. Another one. The speed races do not bring me any more luck. So bye bye good championships for that time.

Lesson learned: It is just skiing and bad things happens. Focus on what you can do and try to not drop that focus when you are racing.