Who am I?

I live my dream as an alpine skier and my days in short terms pretty much involves how to go as fast as possible from point A to point B, on blistering snow with skies under my feet. So basically my profession is my passion and that is something I am truly grateful for!

Sara Hector

I grew up in the cute, middle sized town called Sandviken in Sweden, where I learned to read by my mum, count by my dad, argue from my brother and love from my sister. I am very close to my family and that is something I thank skiing for. Cozy weekend trips to the slopes, stressful dinners all week to make it in time to the training ground, early freezing mornings in the car when my dad always prompt needed to listen to hardrock to stay awake… annoying for me “the chic-music lover”… , so much shared feelings – especially on race days and wildly much fun in the lift and shared passion on the way down. I owe it all to the sport!

I have always liked to go to school. I think that understanding things and learning new stuff is cool and I am a very curious person. Being an elite-athlete will also teach you great lessons if you are awake to learn, so I´m always making myself dare to try new things and grow as a human being.
Nature, fresh air and beautiful views is something that always will be very close to my heart. I love the feeling of freedom!

I am a true talker. I love to talk about everything. About life, about goals, about training and specially about the process of fulfilling dreams. Because I like to dream. I love the challenge that dreams trigger and therefore I live to make my dreams come true. I have a burning heart that tells me to chase the dream of becoming number one every day, so to work hard for reaching my goals has never been boring. Only inspiring!

I like spending time with people that make me happy, so friends and family is an important part of my life. I also often describe it as I am best buddy with the sun. Because whenever that warm beam of soothing sun hits my face, I burst with happiness. The sea also awakens that calmingly joyful feeling within and summers in the archipelago is something I really enjoy.

I truly do love workouts. The feeling before, during and after a good training is irreplaceable. I love to feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins and to push my limits to the extreme. In my profession my intuition pretty much decides my destiny. It all depends on my mental and physical strength. One hour of aggregated racing a year, one hour (!), that is it. Every millisecond counts. My focus is my best friend or my worst enemy. To stand at the starting line with that in mind is both challenging and developing.

These short lines briefly summarize who the girl behind the goggles and the racing suit is. So if you are cheering for me, you are in my team, and for that I am a million times thankful!


Date of birth
September 4th, 1992

Place of birth
Sandviken, Sweden


Place of Residence
Stockholm, Sweden

Kungsbergets AK

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Medals and Placements

Season 2021/2022
2nd place, Giant Slalom Cup

Feb, 2022, Beijing, China
1st place, Giant Slalom, Olympic Games

21-22 Dec, 2021, Courchevel, France
2nd place, Giant Slalom, WC
1st place, Giant Slalom, WC

12 Dec, 2020, Courchevel, France
2nd place, Giant Slalom, WC

12 Dec, 2014, Åre, Sweden
2nd place, Giant Slalom, WC

28 Dec, 2014, Kühtai in Tirol, Austria
1st place, Giant Slalom, WC

2011, Crans-Montana, Switzerland
1st place, Giant Slalom, Junior World Ski Championships

2012, Roccaraso, Italy
2nd place, Giant Slalom, Junior World Ski Championships

2010, Les Planards, France
3rd place, Slalom, Junior World Ski Championships

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