In Crans Montana. Junior World Championships again. I was so focused. I was just going to win this day. That was for sure. A few difficult gates, but a very enforced course report saved my day! A good coach that knows what you need and that you feel that can trust is just so important. ย I was in the lead after the first run. Very nervous, just ate and ate as I sometimes do when I need to calm down. But at the same time, as always when you have a good day, you know it. So I knew it. I felt it. I was going to win this race. I skied very well and took some chances. But all of a sudden. A fall! I knew I was going to win, but now.. over? Angry as hell I managed to get up and fight through the finish. So very disappointed because I knew I had been skiing great the first part of the course. Crossing the finish line I got welcomed with lots of cheering. Crazy, but I still won a gold, a World Championship Gold for Juniors! Even my coach cried. An emotional day and just a great memory for me.


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