I was training in Zermatt and my speed career was just starting. I don’t like waiting but if you are skiing speed you just have to get used to a low tempo on the trainings and to not talk about on racedays. Whatever. I was maybe a bit stressed because all the other training I was missing out. I hadn’t really learned to be in the moment at that time. It´s just not that easy. Speed training however requires a lot of focus. I wouldn’t say that was the reason, I might just have been unlucky or it was a coincidence of bad slope preparing where I was skiing or perhaps just me being off balance or.. we will never know. When something bad happens we just want to know the reasons and it´s not always that easy. I know that on the flat one of my skies just bounces away. I manage to get balance again, but too late. There is a gate in the way and I’m down on the face and less than an hour later I´m in a chopper on the way down to a hospital trying to catch a view of the beautiful mountains… but my eyes were too heavy at that moment. After 2 months I was back racing in the slopes again.