The small world cup


Small world cup

The race was called “The Small World Cup” and for me, preparing for it felt like a World Cup at that time. I was 12 years old and was competing the last year in the B-class. Skiing was getting more and more important in life and at this time I knew I wanted to spend my life in the slopes. I loved it strongly and practiced three times a week and most of the time I skied at weekends too. I had high goals and I was in love with the addicting feeling of winning races.

The most important race of the year was coming closer. This time we were allowed to live at a hotel. It was the first time for me. So luxurious and very exciting. There was a pool in the hotel so I went and played in it every day. But my focus was strong. The first race was Super G. I was in the finish and nobody was faster than me. The next race was slalom. I was scared of the gates and did not attack any of them but I still skied with all the protection you could find just incase. I ended up 3rd, so still a good result. In the GS Nathalie Eklund and I had a great fight, she was my biggest competitor. A straight course and I lost with just a few milliseconds (crazy memory but I remember it was straight which I hated at that time.. bad loser I guess.) But then me and Nathalie got to share the total win and both of us got to go to a camp with the two other winners, Emelie WikstrΓΆm from the south and Edda-Kristin Arnadottir from the north of Sweden. They are now my best friends. This camp we spent together with our idols Marcus Larsson, Jens Byggmark, AndrΓ© Myhrer who all were in the national team. I remember a lecture from Johan Brolenius and a dry-land session with Fredrik Nyberg too. It was just so cool.

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