Bib bib bib.. You all know what it means!

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I just have a little hard time to believe it, because I have been looking forward to this moment for such a long time. To focus about only turing as fast as you can between red and blue gates. It does´t sound like that much fun, but mmm.. my whole body is just like… wow-racetime-all this feelings-excitment-nervous-focus-… I feel so great that I made it here again.

It has been kind of tough for moments. So therefore I want to take the time to really thank the persons that made this comeback possible. First of all to my mental coach, Carl-Magnus for putting up with me all this time. I know it´s not always that easy, but who said easy is fun?! He has been there now 391 days, that is all of them-thank you! Thanks to the Sophia-crew: Maria, Dagge and Lasse for all your great advices, you made my rehab time much shorter and it´s really fun to work with you and you are great. Thank you Vladimir. Otto, you know what to do, thank you! I will remember:) Luca, you has come with new insights and energy and that has been great. Also big thank you mum and dad, I love you and you got to take the worst of it all! Thank all of you that has been helping that I did´t mention here, but I feel like you readers are already tired of reading of thanks. And I don´t want to be a boring person. 

So well, it´s time tomorrow and I will enjoy life. 

I wrote a text about my feelings and you are more then welcome to read it. It´s in Swedish so if you don´t understand, google translate will have to do the work, because I´m busy getting ready for tomorrow!

Bib bib bib.. My breathing is getting faster. My eyes are finding focus. The ears are ready to snap up sounds that I might need to know. My heart is beating hard. Dudm dudm dudm.. My body is exploding, all this butterflies and excitement at the same time… Read more on the link.


  • Stefan Larsson

    Just go for it Sara! There are a lot of Swedish hearts that are beating hard with love for you!

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